Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's all in God's timing, baby...

Life is crazy. It is. Really! Sometimes I am just overwhelmed with the knowledge that God, in his complete Goodness, cares about each and every one of us. He knows us. He knows our hearts' desires. He knows what is good for us. He is the perfect Father. The one we always wanted growing up to help us make the right decisions.

 (if you know me AT know that I am anti-decisions. I hate them..I hate to make them...I am the person who stands an hour in front of the candy aisle..because I am afraid to make the wrong choice...Peanut butter..yep!..oh..but what if I am really craving Carmel and I get home and the pb doesn't hit the spot...oooooh decisions! lol :)

Well. God in his most perfect timing....knew Lindsay and Matt. He knew that Matt was living in California...and he needed time to move to Kansas..and all the things that go with making that decision a reality...He knew Lindsay and her love for music. God placed the desire in these two within a matter of days to register on an online Christian Dating site. While Matt knew he did not want to do any long distance dating..He set his for Christian ladies in Wichita only...not realizing he was about to miss out on the biggest blessing God was about to give him! Lindsay was registered in Ark City. (and if you know Ark City at can't just limit to Ark City alone. lol). So as Lindsay was reading through the best matches for her profile. She came across Matt's. I know, right? God uses the Internet!!! lol..I love it! :) Of guys can guess how this story is going to end... :)

Meet Matt and Lindsay.

by the way...This is probably one of the Funnest engagement sessions I have been on. These guys are all about the fun. :D


Alisha June 20, 2012 at 12:15 PM  

What a beautiful session for a beautiful couple!!! Well done! =) I wish these two the very best!

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