Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Latest adventure

















latest photography adventure occurred last Saturday. We have been wanting to have this shoot for quite some I was thrilled that we were able to schedule it!. These 3 kids have the MOST BEAUTIFUL eyes…seriously. They are this rich, chocolate brown color..and just any old chocolate..Dark chocolate…the rich kind that just melts you! Ok..yes I am having another chocolate craving. :) But really they are just amazing!






We will start this story with the youngest..Meet “Miss D”. When “D” was born…we had this joke that “D” was going to have to marry our Oldest boy “C”.  Crazy? Sure. But look at her! She’s a doll..and she was just as cute when she was a baby…My son was looking through his baby book..and saw some pictures of him and her together…asking me who she was…I haven’t informed him yet that he is looking at his future bride..but I’m sure he’ll figure that one out sooner or later. :D Just Kidding!..maybe. :) DSC_0053web 

DSC_0082web up is her brother, “K”. This kid is…NOT camera shy. :) Seriously…he should go into modeling or something because he is a complete natural in front of the camera!


Again…those eyes!!! They are sooooo pretty..or is it handsome?..either way..WOW!


DSC_0099web DSC_0102web




How do people have such good looking kids!? See! I was not joking about their eyes..all 3 of them ended up with some awesome eyes! Just amazing! DSC_0113web

This is one of the coolest kids. He’s easy to talk to…and so funny! He was trying pretty hard not to smile here…and I like it. :)




Kim Peri February 4, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

Love to see new posts! These ARE some adoreable kids. I recognize the local, too...mainly because we have church there a lot. ;-) Love that little bench.

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