Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh Boy!

Seriously..Oh boy..I have been busy trying to catch up with everything since returning from my trip to Missouri. I was given the opportunity to shoot a wedding in St. Louis..( more on that later!)..and then had a few shoots scheduled while I was in the area.

I just knew as soon as I got back I would be busy, busy..editing all these photos..but low and behold my kids got sick...ALL 3 of them. Blah! So first off I would like to apologize to everyone waiting on a preview.. that things haven't been up sooner! :)

Ok..can't wait to show you these kids..they are sooooo CUTE. I had such a fun time shooting them (with my camera..that is *wink*)! Their dad emailed me a while back letting me know that he wanted some shots done of him and the boys when I came up..so as soon as school was out and the sun wasn't scorching..we headed out for an amazing shoot.

btw...I should warn you..these kids have AmAzInG eyes. :) They are gorgeous. Be prepared to be wow-ed...or..wowed..?? wowwed? Either way..lol. WOW!

OH MY OH MY OH MY. This is probably one of my favorite child photos ever. I really hope this makes it to somebody's wall. It's beautiful. :)

See what I mean?...Super cute kiddos! :)

I really liked this building..the boys liked it too..lots of interesting "things" in there to find. Weird things too..did I mention they had BOXES of plastic knives in this ran-down building?!..why are there boxes of plastic knives everywhere...I'm still a bit puzzled..hmmm.

Thanks for a fun shoots, guys! :)


Kim June 9, 2010 at 6:31 AM  

These turned out REALLY wonderful. THe first one has to be my favorite....just because it is a great shot of all the boys together! Couldn't have caught it better!

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