Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sugar and spice...and a whole lot of cuteness. :)

Definitely a whole lot of cuteness! While I was up visiting in Missouri, their mom contacted me to see if I could do a shoot of her cute kiddos while they were going to be in the area as well. Don't you just love holidays! :)

So, we set up a time early in the morning to get some great light..before it got to bright...and would you know it..the sun was on a head start! was Bright!! :D

The spot they had in mind..was perfect! It was so pretty..and I'm so glad that the owners were so nice about letting us on the property first thing in the morning! They have put in ALOT of work..and it's simply gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll have a house out in the country and can do something like this..I know they have put alot of time and energy into it!

The kids were awesome!...and SOOOOO Cute! Seriously? I think I have just been so blessed with all these good looking people to photograph! And all these beautiful eyes! I'm just going crazy Happy over here! :D

Well...little man wasn't so sure about being down on the ground..but I just LOVE this pose...I'm trying out some new things in my editing..and this is one of them. Isn't' it BeAuTiFuL!!! :) I would totally frame this!

I love this shot of all 3 of them together. When I look at it..I think..."This is what my eye would see if I was just standing around... kids being themselves." It's so natural. I love natural. :)

And yes...I DID get pictures of little man smiling! I really did! :) He is beautiful..and they grow up so fast. Sometimes I really miss that cute little stage. Those chubby little cheeks! :)

 here is another photo that I played around with the coloring on. :) I really liked it too..don't worry..I kept the originals. :) I just wanted to give everyone an idea of a different kind of shoot. :) I think it's beautiful.

And another one of little man smiling....

Oh ..sweet she a cutie or what!! And here we go with the eyes again..WOW!

This kid is such a natural in front of the camera..Seriously! He just fell into poses..and it was like..Ooh! Cute!

OH!!!!! This one just gives me tingles.. Oh good grief..these kids are CUTE!

Well..the sun was high and we had to call it quits..but I had to sneak in one more photo before I left. :) Hope you guys like it! :) And it was awesome meeting you!


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