Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Senior 2011- Braden {Arkansas City, KS Senior Photographer}

3 adults, a High School Senior and a dog...seriously...how much trouble could we possibly get in to??? :) Well at one of our locations..I am pretty sure that the cops were called on us..lol...we got the 3rd degree on the bridge...did they think we were going to jump? :)

Earlier this summer Braden's mom called me about senior pics. I had the privilege of shooting their daughter's senior photos last year...you can see her here . They are an awesome family..so I was thrilled when I got the call to hang out again! :)

We started out bright and early...again..for some reason..all my seniors this year are requesting morning shoots! :) I think they just like to challenge me because morning light is so much more complicated than evening light...in my own opinion.. :) Braden is awesome. I had such a good time just chatting with him. When I got home..I kept telling the hubby..."What a cool kid!". :) Kudos to his Mom....and Dad. :)

Braden is in the Orchestra here in our town. I actually saw their float in the parade during Arkalalah. His music is beautiful...we walked out to this tree limb..and he stood there and played and played...it was all I could do ...to hold my camera up and keep shooting. The whole setting was magical...something you would see in a movie. :)

But honestly...this guy has so many awesome sides...You have this amazing, peaceful violinist..and then switch foots..he has a motorcycle. :)...which he totally rocks.

I'm sorry..I just can't help myself...how awesome is that. :D

Love the graffiti...

and off to the next talent..he LOVES to cook. Seriously, Braden...are the girls swooning over you? You've got a motorcycle..you play gorgeous Violin...and to top it off..you can cook...and you like it! :D

Thanks again for hanging with me...I had a really great time with you and your family! :)


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