Monday, June 27, 2011

Jokes, Snakes..and the man who saved my life....{Kansas and Oklahoma Photographer, Christina ZImmerman Photography}

"So an Admin. Assistant, a Lineman and a Photographer go walking in the woods....."
~ I can hear it now..this will be the start of a joke someday for sure. :)

One day the phone rang...We are looking for a Photographer for our wedding in June.. (not me..the lady on the phone... lol). Lucky for me I was not booked...because I was about to meet one of the cutest and nicest couples around. :)

We set up a time to meet and I fell in love with them and their story. He is a Lineman (you know..those brave guys who work on power lines)...and I must say..he is one of the sweetest Grooms I have ever met.  She is an Admin. Assistant...and cute and happy..and as ticklish as I am. 

 We set a time to meet up for an Engagement session and opted to hit a few spots here in town and then go to Chaplin's Nature Center, here in Arkansas City, KS. It is so pretty there...and you can walk around and find a gazillion spots to shoot..ok..not a gazillion...but plenty enough!

 I really loved all the shots we did in the alley....but there is something so magical about trees and sunlight pouring through them!

 On the walk down to the River I led the way..they had never been to the Nature Center.
.so it just seemed logical...
(although...I really had no idea where I was idea..but it's WILDERNESS...the last time I was out there..I was on the right path..but sure I was I thought to myself..well at least my phone has a Flashlight App. Pathetic? yes..i think so. :)

 So we are finishing up..and heading back out before I have to put that Flashlight App to use..and Praise the Lord Terry was leading the way...because we came across a poisonous snake..that I am almost certain
I would not have seen.
 (insert imaginary photo of me getting bit by a snake and freaking out...forget freaking out..
more like FAINTING!
Terry and Juli would have been grabbing my arms and legs and dragging me out of there!~ lol)

So Terry was able to scoop it up with a stick and toss it farther out. *shutter*

I am so NOT a snake person. :) sum it up.
I am thankful for Juli..who fell in love with Terry..who works on Power Lines and is Brave...who booked a session with me...gave me fun-filled evening..and Saved my life.

I am eternally grateful. :)

Thanks for a FANTASTIC shoot! :)


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