Friday, June 24, 2011

Ponca City, OK, Starbucks..and a fantastic morning....

It was super early. Yes. Early. I am not a morning bird. I don't look forward to getting up anytime before 7...ok.8. I don't ENJOY getting up before 8 in the morning. :)
But when I have a shoot first thing in the's more exciting. :)

We left the house at 7 and headed to Ponca City, OK.  Jonathan and Miranda were super excited about getting some shots done at the Marland Mansion. Can you blame them? It is so pretty!
And there are so many places and looks. I found this little nook when we were there..and it had the BEST lighting! Isn't this pretty!! So..
Pretty Location
Pretty Day
Awesome Clients
Pretty Awesome Session


These 2  have been married for almost a year! Goodness time flies by fast!

Miranda had an idea about a park in Ponca that she wanted to try out. A Fantastic Idea.

I had never been to this park..but it was so pretty. Gazebos, vines, trees, walking paths.

I love this next shot..doesn't it look like a cover to an upcoming movie!

  And then to top off a great morning...Jonathan offered to take us to Starbucks. STARBUCKS!!!!!
So to wrap it up.

Awesome Clients
One fantastic way to start off a day. :) Thanks for a great time!


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