Thursday, April 8, 2010

My very own Little law.

Last week I told you about the shoot I had with Zach's little sister..and I got to thinking as I was uploading these pics about the whole "little sister" thing. I've never had a little sister. I've always been referred to as the "Baby". Oh come now..unless you are an Only have either been the "Baby" of the family or you are related to the "Baby". Well....that's me. I am the "Baby" of the family.

So as I'm typing this I think..huh..I kinda have a Kid Sister now..and then my crazy mind jumped up and started singing...Kid Sister..Kid Sister...wherever you go I'm gonna go...lallalala..Kid Sister and me! Anyone else remember that commercial? I think they came out with a Kid Brother somewhere in that time period too.

So I guess I'm done reminiscing....Back to the Present! This is M...and her boyfriend C. They've been together quite awhile...3 years!...considering this is Teenage Love. :) They really are a cute couple..and if want to see more photos of them can see photos here and here, there and probably a lot more I just don't feel like searching all night for. But you get my drift.

See that that not the look of a couple that's been together for awhile?? LOL

I just love this!

Plans changed for us that weekend and we had to figure out what we were going to do as far as locations go for their 3 year Anniversary photos. So..we decided to shoot them at her Grandma's house. She has some great property and awesome spots!

Did I mention these two spoil each other rotten? lol..This sweet boyfriend of hers took her to Wichita shopping where he doted on her all day. :)

M~ I hope you like this next photo..I really like's not all posey posey..but it's you guys. And I do love you guys. :) You make great Photo Eye Candy.


While off dealing with my 2 year old's issues..I came back to find this scene. How CUTE is that!

And we end with the traditional pose. Every year we do Anniversary pics and make it a point to get a shot of them on a dirt road of some sort. This was one of my fav's.
Thanks for a fun day guys! Looking forward to Prom Night next month. :D Especially since I get to bring a date on this photo shoot!


The Cope's April 26, 2010 at 7:44 PM  

I'm the baby, too. =) If you are still trying to figure out the boy doll version it's called.....MY BUDDY! LOL. Of course, I remember that doll.

Great photos, Christina!

Christina Zimmerman April 29, 2010 at 7:34 PM  

My Buddy..yep..that's it! :)

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