Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tackett~Morgan Wedding (Kansas Wedding Photographer)

All I do is dream of you
the whole night through
with the dawn
I still go on
dreaming of you.
You're every thought
you're everything
you're every song I ever sing
...when skies are grey
when skies are blue
and night time too
All I do the whole day through is
dream of you.
performed by: Debbie Reynolds (or Michael Buble. :) They both have fantastic versions!)

I have been sitting here for awhile trying to think of a word that just describes Cory & Laken.
And it's hard to narrow down. Because I think they are fantastic people. :)
So I'm going to choose
Cool is a good word too...but I think I will just stick with awesome. :)
Laken came to me last year to have her Senior photos taken...check her out..here
This was my first time meeting Laken and we hit it right off.
She's quiet and sweet...and loves to run. My goodness, that girl loves to run! I"m pretty sure the majority of her posts are about running...(and yes, I am jealous. lol).
I think it's awesome.
See? AWESOME. :)
When Laken contacted me about becoming engaged, I was thrilled!
I couldn't wait to meet this guy!
And he is awesome too.
Seriously. The guy has got some mad style going on. ♥ it.
You can check out their engagement session here.

The day was gorgeous.
And the decor was just amazing. So much thought had gone into this...from a paper leaf to a beautiful hanging chandelier...to pumpkins engraved with the letter M.
It was perfection.
One thing I love about weddings, is seeing and hearing about all these amazing ideas.
And then showing up on a wedding day and seeing it executed.
My brides are just really brilliant.
And this one has got some amazing taste. :)



Cake creation and design by: Chris Rothell
(on a sidenote..if you are looking for an amazing..delicious cake. Chris' cakes are the only ones my hubby will eat at weddings....yes. They are THAT good. :)
I absolutely love the Sock monkey cake. Best Grooms cake I have seen so far. :)
 If you know me at all..you know that I go crazy over  skeleton keys. :) My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw them.. Awesome. :)

There were so many details. It was so gorgeous! Laken's Great Uncle actually made this gazebo! What an awesome story to have!

I didn't add the photo here..but she actually had a blue smiley face sticker on the bottom of her shoe.
Something blue. :D

You know when you are reading a really good book..and it's describing that feeling where these two people are in love and can no longer deny it. It's that feeling where your heart races..because you know they are about to kiss and their lives will forever be changed...and you know you should stop reading (or look away if you are more of a movie-buff) because it is such an intimate moment....well. That's how I feel when I look at this next photo.
I ♥ it.
It is the essence of this special day.
It defines it.
True love





Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special day.
You 2 make an awesome couple.
And your wedding day was Amazing.


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